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Engineer Materials Sciences, Physicist, Chemist or similar (m/f/d)


Your qualifications:

  • Master's degree (or equivalent) in materials sciences, physics, chemistry, engineering, natural science or similar
  • experience with coatings on PV cells or optical materials is a plus, but not mandatory
  • passion for innovative research, scientific and systematic way of working
  • ability to work individually and together as part of an international team
  • good communication skills
  • good oral and written expression in English language

Your tasks will be:

  • preliminary concept development and techno-economic analysis of CSP-PV components. Possible developments are:
  • high concentration PV cells capturing the spillage of solar tower receivers
  • selective surfaces, which reflect or transmit a fraction of the incoming light to generate heat, while the other fraction is used for power generation in a PV cells
  • PV cells integrated into heliostats or parabolic trough collectors
  • switchable mirrors to activate CSP or PV upon demand
  • other innovative concepts
  • production of prototype components with our coating machines
  • measurement of optical properties or cell efficiency
  • testing of stability of the developed prototypes in accelerated climatic chambers
  • documenting and publish your scientific results in papers and at international conferences

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DLR Oldenburg
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