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Research Scientist (m/f/d)


Minimum requirements

  • Bachelor or master's degree in Immunology, Cell Biology or Medicine
  • 3-5 years' experience working in a laboratory in Academia or in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Proficient in a variety of cell biology laboratory methods
  • Fluency in English with the ability to communicate data and ideas within large and small teams
  • Familiarity handling large, multiparametric, data sets for reports and presentation (Bioinformatics experience would be advantageous)
  • Ability to learn and combine new techniques and concepts to perform exploratory activities at risk
  • Strong motivation and ability to work independently, good record keeping with an aptitude to work collaboratively within different cross-functional teams
  • Scientific curiosity, initiative, commitment, flexibility, and good organizational skills.
  • Experience with mouse and rat handling, diverse application methods and necropsy skills (ideally holding a LTK1 or equivalent certificate)

Your responsibilities:

  • Use a variety of complementary methods and readouts, in a variety of functional in vitro and in vivo human and/or animal immune system assays, to assess the safety and efficacy of drug development compounds.
  • Perform the isolation, handling, culturing (days to weeks) and differentiation of primary leukocytes from different tissues and different species (human, rat, mouse, non-human primate etc).
  • Perform technical procedures necessary to execute a range of in vitro cell biology techniques (e.g. flow cytometry, multiplex ELISA, live cell imaging etc) in the course of conducting functional immune system assays (e.g. Fc effector function assessment, immune cell activation assays, cytokine release assays, immunophenotyping etc).
  • Data analysis, biostatistics and graphical representation of data for reports and presentations. Handling of large, multi-parametric datasets is advantageous.
  • Assist in the preparation of study protocols, reports and presentations, and has the ability to communicate results with large and small cross-functional teams.
  • Provide quality testing, result verification while displaying good scientific judgement, and communicate results and interpretations in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Display competence in the use of Preclinical Safety electronic data collection systems (e.g. Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)).
  • Assist in method development and validation of new methodologies and instrumentation as needed.
  • Interact in cross-functional and cross-divisional teams supporting projects spanning our entire drug development pipeline

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