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Principal Scientist - Healthcare Biobanks



  • PhD or master's degree in life sciences, computer sciences or a related field with long-time professional expertise in pharma Research & Development
  • Extensive experience in conducting and managing external partnerships and collaborations in multidisciplinary environments
  • Previous experience in working with biobanks / consortium data assets
  • Experience in managing population scale healthcare databases / consortium biobanks like data access agreements
  • Biomedical knowledge of multiple datatypes is highly desirable
  • Rapid recognition of innovative and breakthrough opportunities offered by partners, including their match with current use cases and initiatives.
  • ck grasp on new concepts, domains, function-specific needs and challenges paired with a strong digital, well-structured mindset with an open and curious attitude
  • Excellent communication and intercultural skills in English

Tasks & responsibilities

  • In your new role you scout for external population-scale biomedical databases and biobanks to support the implementation of our portfolio of initiatives.
  • You establish, manage, and grow a network of biobank partners in order to be able to act on specific portfolio needs.
  • It is your responsibility to continuously explore healthcare biobank opportunities through external innovation for strategy and portfolio.
  • You provide expert knowledge concerning the biological content and data types of the respective biobank and dataset to key partners and stakeholders.
  • While managing the establishment of partnerships you also provide resources and capabilities to the use case team.
  • You plan and conduct tailored outreach and engagement activities and collaborate closely with different Therapeutic Areas and the global Computational Biology and Digital Sciences to identify areas for strategic database partnerships.
  • Communication and networking with external partners is an essential part of your new profile too.

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