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Evaluation Scientist (m/f/d)

  • PhD with 0 or M.Sc. 1-2 with or B.Sc. 2+ with years of experience in analytical chemistry or engineering
  • Experience in analytical lab and participating in technical teams
  • Strong understanding of analytical LC, LCMS and other chromatographic applications
  • Experience in chromatographic separations method development desired
  • Strong communications skills
  • Track record of working in technical teams
  • Participate in the technical team responsible for the creation and execution of new product verification and validation plans and testing
  • Drive new product validation/verification work completion to support corporate product road-map
  • Participate in the review of key design input documents such as user requirements and product requirements
  • Communicate plans and status to senior management inside and outside the organization
  • Provide scientific and technical leadership within the Systems Design and Development department
  • Operate, maintain, and troubleshoot chromatographic systems

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Waters Corp.
Milford, Massachusetts [USA]