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Scientist Protein Engineering (m/f/d)

  • Doctoral degree in natural sciences (e.g. biology, immunology, biochemistry, pharmacy)
  • Extensive experience in protein engineering field (e.g. antibody or protein scaffold discovery, expression and characterization)
  • Experience with different protein expression systems, preferably E. coli as well as mammalian cells
  • Affinity for technology and streamlining of workflows using liquid handling and automated magnetic bead processing
  • Experience in phage display technology or similar directed evolution techniques like yeast surface display, bacterial display or mammalian display is highly desirable
  • Plan and perform manual and semi-automated phage display selection campaigns for the identification of target-specific single domain antibodies
  • Continuously improve the selection and hit identification process
  • Formalize the improved methods as standard operation procedures (SOPs)
  • Produce target-specific ligands in pro- and eukaryotic expression systems and characterize them e.g. in terms of biophysical properties and binding kinetics
  • Documentation and reporting of the work in the course of department and project meetings

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