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Scientist - Medicinal Chemistry (m/f/d)

This Scientist role will be part of an innovative Medicinal Chemistry group, with responsibilities including (but not limited to) the design, synthesis, and purification of novel compounds for potential clinical drug development, including opportunity to work within Amgen's Induced Proximity Platform (IPP), which is focused on novel and innovative approaches to modulate intractable targets in diseases using the emerging PROTAC modality.

The Scientist will devise and implement state of the art scientific research through conducting laboratory experiments, planning detailed procedures for defined projects including timelines, milestones, methodological approaches, expected results and necessary resources; reviewing, analyzing, and interpreting scientific data and results; providing regular updates, documentation, and/or communication on project results; collaborating with other scientists and keeping current with field of expertise, including literature and technology development.

Additional responsibilities may include advising supervisors and colleagues in areas of expertise; participating in national and international meetings, providing scientific results that support the generation of publications or patents, and mentoring research associates and laboratory assistants.

  • Doctorate degree in chemistry specializing in organic synthesis
  • 2+ years of experience in synthetic organic or medicinal chemistry
  • Consistent track record of academic accomplishments (e.g., peer-reviewed publications and/or patents)
  • Demonstration of good lab practices, with particular attention to safety
  • Clear understanding of structural determination using NMR and MS techniques as well as knowledge of related purification methods
  • Initial understanding of biological and pharmaceutical principles and a working knowledge of the use of structure-based or other computer-aided drug design tools
  • Knowledge of the application of parallel synthesis techniques to synthetic or medicinal chemistry

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