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Lab Facility Manager in analytical biogeochemistry of trace elements (m/f/d)

  • being the central contact person for all users of the TE cluster
  • providing technical and scientific advice on TE analysis
  • training users in TE analyses, iv) managing instruments and infrastructure
  • developing and applying new analytical methods involving LCICP-MS technology and other hyphenated ICP-MS systems
  • contributing to scientific papers and exchanging with other experts on analytical TE development
  • leading and collaborating on scientific equipment proposals.
  • PhD degree in analytical chemistry/environmental chemistry
  • Several years of research experience (e.g., as a postdoctoral researcher and/or lab manager) and a publication record proving analytical development and application in environmental chemistry, biogeochemistry and/or aquatic chemistry
  • Hands-on experience with hyphenated ICP-MS technology and the development of LC-ICP-MS methods and their application in environmental sciences
  • Experience in sample pre-treatment methods (extraction, pre-concentration) and analysis of complex sample matrices
  • Experience in advanced data treatment (e.g., peak fitting, multivariate statistics)

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8600 Dübendorf [CH]