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Head of Laboratory - Medicinal Chemistry (m/f/d)

  • Ph.D. in preparative organic chemistry / Postdoctoral experience in an additional field of synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry or related sciences is a plus for candidates at Research Scientist level, while drug discovery experience as a chemist in Animal Health, Crop Science or Human Pharma is essential for a Principal Scientist level
  • Comprehensive and state of the art knowledge in modern synthetic methodologies as well as a solid understanding of molecular properties
  • Demonstrated dedication and enthusiasm for identifying and solving scientific problems with significant publications in peer-reviewed journals and / or protection of intellectual property through patents
  • Successful delivery of results, both independently and in team settings
  • Intercultural competencies, ideally shown by experience abroad
  • In your new role, you analyze complex data sets to generate structure-activity relationships, hypotheses for optimization and high quality tools, leads and candidate molecules
  • You design biologically active compounds, prioritize target compounds and plan as well as execute their synthesis while overseeing internal and external resources
  • In addition, you also provide scientific support and technical training of research associates
  • Furthermore, you contribute to interdisciplinary, partially global research teams with the goal to identify novel drugs
  • You discuss, present and publish research results internally and externally

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