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Scientist Formulation Development (m/f/d)

  • Doctoral degree in chemistry or other natural sciences (e.g. biology, pharmacy)
  • Hands on experience in bioconjugation reactions
  • Experience in preparation and physicochemical characterization of fucntionalized lipid and polymer based nanoparticles (e.g. gel electrophoresis, SEC, DLS, zeta potential etc.) in areas of targeted 'drug delivery' and 'gene delivery
  • Experience in in vitro cell experiments is a plus (cell culturing, cytotoxicity assays, transfection studies)
  • Responsible for formulation development: planning, execution and documentation of Experiments
  • Establishing bioconjugation protocols, production and characterization of ligand functionalized RNA nanoparticles based on lipids and polymers
  • Chemical modification, analysis and purification of targeting ligands e.g. proteins
  • Regular supply of formulations for preclinical testing in compliance with deadlines and quality requirements
  • Data processing, evaluation and reporting to internal and external project partners
  • Participation in scientific conferences and following scientific literature to support projects with new innovative ideas
  • Establish new processes and methods in the team
  • Responsibility for instruments and laboratory management

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