Regulatory Affairs Manager - Biopesticides (m/f/d)

  • PhD in microbiology with affinity to molecular biology, microbial ecology, microbial biochemistry, biotechnology, genetics
  • At least 3 years of relevant experience in EU regulatory processes for biopesticides at EU level
  • Full and / or practical understanding of data requirements for registration purposes in Europe of biopesticides
  • Registration of biopesticides (e.g., microbials, plant extracts), according to the EU regulatory framework EC Regulation 1107/2009
  • Communication and close co-operation with our clients
  • Preparation and coordination of EU SANCO dossiers for the approval and / or renewal of biopesticides in Europe
  • Basic knowledge in: a) identity of microorganism, b) biological properties with particular attention to metabolites and antimicrobial resistance; c) safety to human; d) safety to environment; e) residue in food, feedstuffs and environment; f) environmental fate
  • Participation in Pre-Submission Meetings with Rapporteur Member States authorities in Europe
  • Project manager and / or coordination experience for the approval and / or renewal of biopesticides according to European regulatory processes
  • Involvement in Data Gap Analysis assessments in Europe for plant protection products according to European regulatory processes
  • Build-up, maintain and share practical knowledge in a growing, strongly team-oriented working group
  • Build-up and maintaining of contacts to relevant authorities all over Europe

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