Metabolomics Senior Scientist (m/f/d)

  • Doctoral Degree in analytical chemistry, biochemistry or related field with 2+ years' experience in pharma / biotech or post-doctoral studies in an appropriate field or Master's Degree in analytical chemistry, biochemistry or related field with 10+ years' experience in pharma / biotech
  • Extensive experience in biological mass spectrometry and metabolomics including, but not limited to the following key areas: quantitative targeted / multi-targeted mass spectrometry of endogenous metabolites and peptides, metabolic profiling of samples originating from complex biological matrices and statistical data analysis
  • Extensive experience in sample preparation and extraction protocols from different cells, tissues and biofluids of animal and human origin to generate material for mass spectrometric analysis of endogenous metabolites
  • Demonstrated track record of publication in peer reviewed scientific journals
  • Demonstrated ability to translate biologist's / project team's scientific questions into analytical strategies and methods
  • In collaboration with project partners and your supervisor, design and execute experiments from sample preparation to LC/MS and data analysis and interpretation toward addressing the project's key scientific questions
  • Present key outcomes of the experiments to supervisor and project partners and agree and plan follow-up steps to further advance the project
  • With the support of your supervisor, assess and initiate new project collaborations where analytical technologies can contribute to answering key scientific questions and advancing the projects with decision-making data, particularly in the area of providing metabolism-based pharmacodynamic read-outs, translatable biomarkers and understanding of disease mode of action
  • Assess and implement new analytical approaches, developed either in house or externally, to augment the group's technology portfolio and expand its abilities to elucidate the role of metabolism in diseases
  • Mentor junior associates to develop laboratory and project execution skills and share your experience broadly throughout the NIBR analytical science network

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