Purchaser Chemistry in the function Direct Chemistry (m/f/d)

  • This role requires a degree in business administration / business economics or a comparable qualification as well as a knowledge of chemistry
  • Several years of experience in purchasing chemical raw materials are beneficial
  • In this position, you will be in charge of purchasing chemical raw materials for Atotech's global manufacturing facilities and for negotiating raw material prices with global and regional suppliers (including the conclusion of contracts) in order to maintain and improve Atotech's competitiveness
  • Working closely with the relevant business functions, you will lead / direct all global purchasing activities with the aim of optimising raw material prices and securing supplies for all production sites
  • You will identify alternative raw materials and suppliers in order to optimise the product margin and / or to qualify secondary suppliers and participate in the harmonisation of raw material specifications and in the definition of key issues and common goals in purchasing (this includes the systematic monitoring and analysis of source markets)
  • You will also manage the implementation of the purchasing strategy in consultation with functional management and regional / local purchasers and drive collaboration in the selection of raw materials with regard to environmental friendliness in compliance with international regulations (hazardous materials regulations / REACH, etc.)

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