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HILIC, SFC and other polar separation techniques

The separation of very polar molecules had its origins many decades ago - despite this, apart from IC, no other techniques have been able to establish themselves in most laboratories. What you can use and how you use the technology is important to know and can be learned!

The course is aimed at beginners and users who want to use the new chromatographic techniques HILIC, SFC and others to analyze very polar molecules and may also want to use mass spectrometric detection. The aim of this manufacturer-independent seminar is to impart basic knowledge of polar chromatography and to make it easier to get started with this technique with practical tips. Basic knowledge of HPLC is an advantage.

Duration of course:

3 days 3 hours each afternoon (19.04.2023, 26.04.2023 and 03.05.2023)

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Springer Campus
Event Type and Location:
seminar (online)
04/19/2023 - 05/03/2023

Springer Campus
Tiergartenstraße 17
D-69121 Heidelberg

Tel.: +49 6221 487-8422

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