LAB-SUPPLY 2019 Wien

Specialists have to make huge efforts to keep up-to-date with the newest developments of laboratory equipment. They gather information from specialized newspapers, brochures, their personal network, lectures and big international trade fairs.

For reasons of profitability and efficiency the operators demanded a laboratory technology trade fair in their area. The LAB-SUPPLY, as a one-day trade fair, meets this demand.

The LAB-SUPPLY presents the newest innovations of laboratory technology. In addition to that, professionals are holding business lectures -for example- how to increase the efficiency of laboratories. Specialists from the areas of environmental-, food- and industrial analytics, biochemistry, gene technology, molecular- and cell biology, medical diagnosis and pharmacology can find relevant contacts and free expert advice.

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Zillger & Müller GbR
Peter Ralf Müller
Josef-Dietzgen-Straße 1
D-53773 Hennef

Tel.: +49 2242 909 888-8
Fax: +49 2242 909 888-9
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