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Scientific Resource Management


Learning Goals:

  • Management: To understand how to develop and maintain research projects and infrastructures as a business enterprise
  • Entrepreneurship: To be able to build a business model (balancing non-profit ambition versus for-profit needs); and understand the balance between research service and research collaboration
  • Networking: To be able to network and form collaborations effectively as well as distinguishing opportunity from obligation
  • Mentorship: Course instructors will aim to establish lasting mentorship contacts with the participants
    Successful participation will be certified by the Gläsernes Labor Akademie (GLA).


  • Lectures will discuss the challenges and solutions in the management of research projects, departments, shared resource laboratories, technology platforms, and core-facilities.
  • Interactive sessions will allow participants to explore entrepreneurship and develop a business or grant application plan.
  • Participants will have plenty of networking opportunities.

Target Audience:

This course will be valuable for anyone (Masters/Ph.D students, postdocs, research scientists, principal investigators, professionals already in research infrastructure management roles, scientific entrepreneurs) who is interested in or currently in a position of leadership within scientific research and those interested in setting up their own business, e.g.

  • Facility Managers
  • PhD Students
  • Postdoctoral Scientists
  • Principal Investigators
  • Lab Managers

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