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Risk Management in Manufacturing, in Quality Assurance and in the Analytical Laboratory


Risk Management will be an integral part of your daily work. You understand its importance for supporting science based decisions and know efficient tools to address uncertainty and assumptions. In combination with your knowledge and your practical experience you are able to work more efficiently. With less quality issues and increased productivity and transparency you create more value for your organization.


Essential elements and tools of Risk Management:

  • Systematic evaluation of possible critical events
  • Risk Management tools to support Quality by Design
  • Systematic and science-based approaches to identify and classify possible risks
  • Use of Design of Experiments (DoE) for the generation of optimal and robust processes
  • Identification of critical events in process- and method transfersul


Lectures and case studies, in order to apply the concepts and tools into practice. Intense discussions of the results. A script will be distributed to the participants. Depending on the participants, the training can also be given in German, but all written material is delivered in English only.

Target Group:

Technicians and manufacturing experts of different levels in Production and Quality Control/Assurance, responsible for continuous improvement of quality and productivity.

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Swiss Chemical Society
Event Type and Location:
seminar (Olten [CH])

SCS Academy, Swiss Chemical Society
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