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Pharmacokinetics - Essentials for Project Managers in Biotech Companies


After course completion, attendees will have developed a basic understanding of pharmacokinetics for the planning, preparation, and conduct of clinical trials with medicinal products. Successful participation will be certified by the Gläsernes Labor Akademie (GLA).


This new 2-day online workshop focuses on the basics such as Physiology and Pharmacology of LADME (Liberation, Absorption/ Resorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Elimination), modelling and simulation (first day), the pitfalls and challenges of pharmacokinetics (second day) in all four phases of clinical development. The workshop includes on each day interactive group work where the attendees will analyze case studies and present the results to each other.

Target Audience

  • staff of pharmaceutical or biotech companies working or planning to start work in clinical development programs, e.g. as project managers, having no or little experience with pharmacokinetic questions.
  • natural scientists, PhD students and Postdocs of natural scientific and medical degree programs who are interested in getting an overview on pharmacokinetics in clinical development.

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Gläsernes Labor Akademie
Event Type and Location:
course (online)
02/17/2022 - 02/18/2022

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