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2nd International BIOCONTROL Conference "Biopesticides - Biofertilisers - Biostimulants"

Biopesticides - Biofertilisers - Biostimulants


  • Regulatory Developments
  • Update from the EU Commission: Activities regarding biological pesticides
  • Scientific questions to be answered for the purpose of simplification of the risk assessment and registration of microbial pesticides
  • A member state perspective on updating the regulatory framework for microbial PPPs
  • ECHA: Update on Biological Biocides
  • An update of the work of the OECD Expert Group on Biopesticides
  • IBMA's work on a the decision tree focusing on potential risk areas
  • Registration of a botanical within the EU PPP Regulation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Implications of in situ metabolite production for the human and environmental risk assessment of microbial pesticides
  • Challenges in evaluating the pathogenicity of microbial pesticides in adult and immature honey bees

Groups that should take part:

Managing directors, boards of directors, managers, consultants and scientists in the fields of Biological control for the agricultural use

  • Production/distribution of biological/microbial pesticides and biocides
  • Research & development
  • Risk assessment
  • Toxicology
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Registration

Sectors that should take part: