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The Chemical Monitoring Station of the Future

Two major, recent and future, challenges in chemical water quality monitoring are:

  1. The almost unmanageable amount of different chemical species present from anthropogenic causes and
  2. A delay in data provision and data evaluation due to the predominant use of offline-analysis techniques. A comprehensive, close to real-time assessment of the chemical water body status will foster better prediction tools (e.g. for drinking water management), momentary reaction to threats, the ability to backtrack contamination sources, as well as novel information channels.

The symposium offers an exchange platform for those willing to think out of the box and the organizers welcome oral and poster presentations to contributions to the following topics:

  • Inline / online / atline techniques in surface water monitoring
  • Close to real-time data verification, evaluation and provision
  • In-situ monitoring and observation interfaces
  • Non-stationary, autonomous monitoring
  • Sampling, enrichment and preservation automatization
  • Bridging the gap from the lab to monitoring stations
  • Tracer, speciation- and fate-modeling
  • Close to real time mass spec based multi parameter analyses

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Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde
Event Type and Location:
conference (Coblenz [D])
04/13/2021 - 04/15/2021

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