Agilent Technologies announces a range of analytical technologies to combat bioterrorism and chemical warfare

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced a comprehensive suite of instruments, software and services for the analysis of biological and chemical agents used in bioterrorism and chemical warfare. Agilent's laboratory and field transportable analytical instruments and associated software and services can be quickly and easily used to detect, identify and confirm suspected chemical and biological agents in air, soil, water and food supplies.

Agilent analytical instruments are used to test for chemical and biological agents including chemical warfare agents (CWA), biological warfare agents (BWA), and toxic industrial compounds (TIC). The instrumentation is used in military, government, law enforcement and private sector laboratories.

The military has relied on Agilent technology for the past 15 years to maintain their chemical warfare program. The instruments, available as laboratory or transportable mobile units, are used to screen, detect, identify and confirm chemical warfare agents. Agilent and its channel partners also provide complete turnkey systems to detect, identify and confirm organic and inorganic toxic industrial compounds such as chlorine, methyl isocyanate, dioxin, PCB and PCP in air, water and food supplies.

With its channel partner, MIDI, Inc. Agilent offers a gas chromatography-based solution of instruments, services and software that is used as a confirmation tool to identify biological warfare agents, such as Anthrax and other aerobic or anaerobic bacteria. An integral part of the solution is the systems Bioterrorism Library, which quickly identifies diseases and was developed in collaboration with the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID).

Quelle: Agilent Technologies

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