Agilent offers free information kit for chemical analysis applications in fuel cell development

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the release of a new information kit for the fuel cell industry (publication number 5988-5514).

The kit includes valuable information outlining how Agilent can support and accelerate fuel cell development, including:

"Go Further, Faster", a full-color capabilities brochure demonstrating how Agilent's chemical analysis expertise and instrumentation can help companies in all facets of fuel cell development get to market faster;

Application notes relevant to the fuel cell industry, including notes on the determination of volatile sulfur compounds in natural gas fuel cell systems as well as information on the Agilent 3000 Micro GC for fuel cell development applications; and Product literature for Agilent's industry-leading line of gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and real-time gas analyzer instruments.

Quelle: Agilent Technologies

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