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Analytical and Environmental Chemistry

I completed my PhD on 15.03.2019 with Applied Analytics and Environmental Chemistry. In this project, the main achievements were:

  • Elucidate phase I metabolites and abiotic transformation of xenobiotics by redox stress (targeted, suspected, non-targeted)
  • Preparative scale-up of electrochemistry-MS to synthesize reference standards of metabolites and transformation products for real sample application
  • Investigation/determination of metabolites and transformation products in foodstuff (targeted)
  • Redox stress products and their (bio)conjugates with glucoside and glutathione

with 6 peer-reviewed publication and 7 conference talks and posters.

In my MSc (Quality in Analytical Laboratories) and work experiences, I have been worked on:

  • Method development and validation of SPE-HPLC-MS/MS for artificial sweeteners in water
  • Distribution of artificial sweeteners at a different stage of wastewater treatment plants
  • Organochlorine pesticides and their degradation by soil microbial using LC-MS/MS

I mastered HPLC and UPLC (Agilent) coupled to different MS techniques (Agilent single quad, AB Sciex triple quad, AB Sciex TripleTOF HRMS, Orbitrap HRMS), UV/Vis, HPLC-DAD (Preparative for clean-up) and their application to targeted and untargeted screening (qualitative and quantitative). I have experienced in multivariate statistics and interpretation (PCA, PLS, DoE, multivariate calibration, classification). So, my experiences focussed on structural elucidation of metabolites and method development for food and environmental analytics. I published scientific results in peer-reviewed journals and presented in international conferences. Throughout my career/study, I have a profound experience in analytical statistics, sample preparation techniques, method development/optimization, and validation for pollutants and pesticide residues in food and water samples.

My research interests:

  1. Multi-stress on organic molecules and their transformation mechanisms,
  2. Pollutants and their transformation in foodstuff and environment
  3. Electrochemical synthesis of new compounds (discovery of drugs and agrochemicals)

I am thankful for considering my application and very pleased to receive an invitation to a personal interview.